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So You Think you Have Something to say? Doubtful.

August 30, 2013

I met a guy who was a successful salesman who said his passion was being a musician. He worked for a competitive wine distributor. And I guess, one of his giveaways during our long converdsation, which was informative and percpetive, and pointedf was simply this: he never admitted to any mistakes, nor did he temper his judgements, Thee was nothing he was wrong about.

“My p[assion was music and now after raising my family, I can follow it and write music,” he said.

He lived in a gated community and it had a lot of acreage and he said, “I love living in a place where I don’t see my neighbor shave. I would never live in a city.” He went on about how he was a drummer who was clever and could write great hooks, but the band went from a band to being focused on the leader, but after he quit the band broke up, and the leader and he were now back together and writing music, but only after he insisited on squaring off on him, and leveling and confronting him with his past behavior. He said to me, “Twenty-five years later,. The guy called me and apologized for being an asshole.”

And he went on about some song, he wrote and I kept thinking, my whole life has been geared to being creative, and I never had a family, nor did I have the desire to have one because I wanted to be a performer, and I didn;’t have that extra tool in my bag to do both, which I guess could have been handled by someone else if you married for that. But still, here’s someone who lives in a gated community, who never pursued or sacrificed for his passion, and drank good wine, and made sales, and I kept thinking, “What the hell could you write that =anyone cares about. You put all this on a shelf that could be done again, Your life is an unread book. WHo would want a song by you?”

I remember the story of a guy who quit a band because they were stoned and going nowhere, and that bandfbecame Santana. Then he got in another group and quit for the same reason, and that band became the Doobie Brothers, and he spent the rest of his life in various bands, then cover bands, and eventually died from a heart attack.

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