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Summer Immortality in Freehold, New Jersey

July 22, 2013

Riding a bicycle down the street,in middle -class suburbia in the Stonehurst development of Freehold , New Jersey, where I knew every other person who lived in every other house. There were sprinklers on the lawns–tick, flck, splick, ANd I’d weave on my bike up one driveway ramp to the sidewalk and down another one. Sometimes catching the wet spray of the sprinkler on my sweaty back through my T-shirt, exhilarated by the wet feel. And pedaling harder. And the light sprays of lightning bugs against the scrubs. My only thought getting home for dinner on time, And no thoughts of mortality. Just me legs pumping the pedals, as I stood up, mounted and pumped harder, making love to a moment that was beyond me as I rode through it to home.

When I had testicular cancer, that Fred-15 came to save me. Who knows what heroes we have been to each other through ourselves and our dreams in the past?

I do, Thankfully.

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