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There are selfish people who go through chemo alone

July 12, 2013

I can’t support the belief of going through treatment alone. First off, your friends and family want to help you, and they also need therapy because they’re suffering too. Be bigger than your cancer experience and help them too. That can only give you an extra edge on the disease. And driving to chemo is irresponsible, your are not completely alert. You are a danger to others behind the wheel. Let people drive and help you. Accept being vulnerable is a sign of healing by getting the support of others. I believe isolating yourself is a selfish act that is playing into the hands of the disease instead of the helping hands of others to gather more strength and support. And if there is no one, it’s time to take a hard look at your life and vow to make a change. The people who care about you have been created by the spirit of your life, and that’s your best weapon. The best lesson about cancer is this: it’s not all about you, if it was no one would have bothered to write Today Cancer Tomorrow The World, about my testicular cancer experience.

If we don’t come out of this experience learning to care for others than cancer might have not taken your body, but it did take your soul.


Again, it’s not about ego. People do need time to rest. Everyone does need time to be by themselves. But the sooner you get out of your way and let other people into your life you’re on a more compassionate healing path. You have to keep your fists up to fight cancer inside you. But you have to keep your hands extended to others, so they can help you, and you can help others and make it easier for the next person. You can survive cancer alone and live, but you cannot survive cancer alone a have a life. And nothing will convince me otherwise. We were born between the love of two people. If they were alone, that couldn’t be done. I’ll take what brings people together instead of what sets us apart. Otherwise you have cancer of the spirit and might as well be an HMO executive. There’s a lot of good out there, so join the dance. And even if you dance alone, someone else has to play the music so tip the band and applaud.

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  1. Cindy permalink
    April 10, 2017 4:19 am

    Wow. I don’t go through chemo alone because I’m selfish but because other people are. They are too busy, they can’t stand to see me so I’ll, etc.

    • April 10, 2017 2:23 pm

      Hmmm, sounds like you need better friends, or perhaps, haven’t done enough for others so they don’t want to go out of their way for you. I time to reassess. WIsh you well on your recovery

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