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You weren’t here BEFORE so why worry about the here AFTER?

July 7, 2013


Some people have anxiety about cancer returning. I’ll admit the only time I think about testicular cancer sequels is they day before my next CT Scan. That’s mainly it. Some can dwell on it, like they feed upon other worries.I tried to pass a force onto others with Today Cancer Tomorrow The World. Why waste precious time? Look at a picture of your parents before you were born, if it didn’t bother you that you weren’t conscious of your existence, then what’s to fear? It’s good to be vigilant on the inside but embracing on the outside. I find the more I connect and try to help other people who have cancer the more power we both have to keep it away. But after suffering too much from treatments, I want to give cancer as little stage time as I can in the new world that envelopes me like a jet stream every day.


Most people avoid conversations of cancer and death because they believe its unhealthy. Those are the worst people on earth because they have distanced themselves from the suffering of others because they’re hiding within the self-reflecting folds of loving themselves. They won’t go to hospitals or funerals. When you experience cancer, you accept 100 percent reality of your own mortality, and by emotionally grasping it, life becomes richer and deeper because you are connected to the suffering and triumphs of others. Your world enlarges because you connect with more and more people and events and experience, while the others who avoid unpleasantness, strangle themselves in a more constricting world, their life becomes a boa constrictor, and their self-loving embrace takes them out.

In other words, when it’s their time to hit in the clutch, they choke.

As for me, I’ve lost all my lottery balls and came up a winner.


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