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I had to get Dobie Gillis

July 7, 2013

I’ve been struggling to make ends meet. And scrambling for extra bucks. I haven’t splurged on anything. No new music, wine, whatever. Then I see Dobie Gillis, the old TV show from the early sixties is available on DVD.

And I have to have it. Cancer taught me that I’m a vintage. And what shaped me. It’s what I drew on when I wrote about my battle with testicular cancer in Today Cancer Tomorrow The Word. Hey, I’ve become a funny guy with an odd sense of humor, but it’s mine! Hail Testiculess! Ha! And I had to embrace all the films and comics and music that made me. I needed my heroes and dreams to fight cancer. And that show, I was too young to grasp, but the feel of that show, and Maynard the beatnik, how the dad was frustrated at his son’s irresponsibility and how the Mom was always running interference between them and Dobie in front of The Thinker–well, that tweaked my head into another view of life and people and sent me on a path. And I know it’s impractical, but I was compelled to purchase the complete set. Yeah, because I’ve never in my heart been practical when it came to shaping what inspired me, it’s what kept cancer from taking me out, and it’s what defines my presence. Yeah, a stupid show. But it can strengthen and fulfill me and I know it’ll give me more courage to be impractical. It;s a spirit. And thew world as well as cancer is going to stop me from feeding the kindling of my past into the flames of my future. And I have to see those episodes and digest them the same way roots seek minerals in the soul to develop fruit. It’s the only way I want people top take a bite out of me!

I can see my Dad shaking his head, chuckling in disbelief at me, “Dobie Gillis,”

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