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Howling at the Moon

July 6, 2013

When I was a kid I remember hearing the Beatles song, “I Follow The Sun,” and even though I was maybe five, I knew that’s what I would always do. Then I listen ed to Tubby The Tuba, a record I played about having your own song. Then I always liked the comedians who were being chased by the bad guys because they knew a truth, and somehow always beat them. Then there’s Lou Costello in the film “Little Giant,” who is a bumpkin who is almost going to get fired as a vacuum cleaner salesman, and the cruel salesmen convince him he’s a mind reader, and the next day he sells 13 vacuum cleaners–he comes into the office and rings a bell for each one, and I was exhilarated. and then there was an Aesop Fable where a starving wolf meets a house dog in the woods and the dog tells him how his master gives him food and shelter and urges the wolf to join him, but as they head to the master’s house the wolf sees the collar on the dog’s neck and asks what that is. The dog says his master can chain him. The dog turns, the wolf is gone. He looks and sees the wolf howling at the moon.

I guess I’ve never had a choice.


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