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Real Emotion – cancer shrinks the heart rises

June 22, 2013

I was at the Relay For Life, I received some compliments from survivors about my book Today Cancer Tomorrow The World, and how my Hero of Hope speech inspired them. When the audience was quiet, I was taken aback, I’ve been used to laughter, not moving people.

But when does life’s force emerge? It happens when the voice trembles and weepiness is followed by a joke. I saw this when Ringo was interviewed about George Harrison. And when he visited George, who was dying, and Ringo said he had to visit his son who was ill, George replied, “Do you want me to go with you?” And Ringo’s voice caught, he started crying. That movement! That connection. The power of that contact. The quivering sound love’s arrow makes in your heart. Then he wiped the tears away, and said, :”What is this, Barbaras fuckin’ Walters.”

And at the Relay, the organizer was speaking to the group, then described how his wife died very quickly from cancer within two months, and he looked at his kids and his voice quaked and he whimpered out, “Your mother would…be…so..,proud of you…I can’t go on.”

There’s the emotion of soul, there’s the high note, the tightrope we never fall off, keeping us in balance with the passion that brings the dreams of what we know we can achieve into our consciousness, and throws down a smile, a dance move to a tuner we love, because he can’t kid ourselves that the disappointments in the world don’t apply to our place in it..

Let the music play and the arrows fly!

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