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The odds were in my favor and against me: Testicular cancer

June 14, 2013

After I wrote Today Cancer Tomorrow The World, and becoming the all powerful hero Testiculess, who can withstand any kick in the groin and dominant all challengers, I’m trying to set up speaking engagements to motivate and inspire people. Oddly, testicular survivors cannot be divorced women, or women I used to date, but I could grade them on a curve. So, doing “due diligence” that hack phrase. I did some research and found out this gem:

  • “The most common cancer seen in testicular cancer survivors is a second testicular cancer. Overall, 2% to 5% of men who have had cancer in 1 testicle will eventually have it in the other testicle. The second cancer is not from treating the first cancer with radiation or chemotherapy. In fact, those treated with surgery alone still have an increased risk of a second testicular cancer. The chance of getting a second testicular cancer is actually lower in men who were treated with chemotherapy. The rest of this section is about second cancers other than testicular cancer.”

So getting testicular cancer is third time will put me in the Guiness Book of World of Records, and the Fourth time I’ll be an alien, and the fifth: a porn star.

There’s always something lurking under the rainbows.

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