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Propulsion, the best drive: Jump!

May 24, 2013

As I drove down the road through the Santa Cruz mountains, the canopy of the trees arching over the road and the flashes of light flickering through the redwoods came through to me, as if I was diving through it. You know, when you jump off the high dive and hit the water and the vision of that water pressing down on you. When does a fall become a dive? When you decide to leap from the sinking ship or flame involved building of your life? Or the sheer joy of being able to dive off an achievement. And so the world goes through and around me. There’s so little that sticks to me, if it does, like burrs on my socks walking through the weeds, they mean nothing that penetrates. If anything, some regrets from the past that perpetually remind me I do have some limits, or are they broken bars from a cage I have left, but trail me in the reminder of when I came up short of my freedom in the name of selfishness.

The dive? How many people get to the edge of the board, review and assess it, judge other’s form. They never take the dive. They peer over the edge. A friend told me about a guy who makes over a quarter of a million, an insurance guy, who lives in LA and claims he’s a screenwriter, but has never sold a script, and he judges people based on seventies liberal politics and disparages others, and prides himself on showing up for business meetings in tie-dyed shirts. But he isn’t a writer, and will have nothing to say ever because he has never taken the dive. And his contempt for others is based in his denial of never taking the dive. His soul is encased in suspended animation.

The one thing I know, regardless of my struggles, is I have taken the dive of inspiration from my heroes. Leaving the edge of the world into another universe. Let the others orbit. I’ll take weightlessness.

And the rush of it sill passes through me, because I’m still in the dive.


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