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Designer surfboards with disposable people

May 5, 2013

Who would ever think a surfboard would costs over 1,000 dollars. I have a ’96 Camry with around 161,000 miles on it, and it’s book value is around 1,000. And a chunk of foam largely shaped by a machine, and covered with a shell of fiberglass, and it’s basic cost of maybe #$350, and probably less if manufactures by in bulk, is going for well over 1,400 and shaped not by the masters of the sixties, but guys in their late twenties who have only been shaping boards for five years! Even the main guys from the past are usually have someone else shape a board they merely sign off on.

Why is this? Largely because the board is now a prestige item. People who have “disposable income,” (Which I guess means they earned it by dumping onto other people), want a board they can talk about, or they have just moved into a surf town and want to be cool so they have a local shaper make them a board, which gives them a badge of being a “local.” The industry has priced themselves out of the market. The people paying top money are the same ones who go on escorted surf trips, protected by bodyguards, pushed in waves in remote lands by professional valet surfers. These salt-water Jeeves push these people into waves and say,”Yes, sir, here is your barrel ride.

And the largest of these boards is ‘9 “11. That means it’s been shaped by a machine, because most of the machines can’t handle a board ten feet or more. And if these boards are worth so much, or would they be, if on the bottom of the board, like a warning on a food package that tells you artificial flavors are added, you see: “This board is machined made and signed by the shaper.” My guess is not.

Then there are other boards that are simply molds. They’re very light.And usually made in foreign countries to skirt environmental laws. And these go for $800.

But the Joker to this Batman in the surf industry is: clones, alias mass-produced boards, knockoffs, that are either foam boards or molds by larger companies. You can walk into a Costco and pick up a board for $100 bucks or less, depending on the size. ” Surf classes have turn the ocean has been reduced to an all-acess wading pool. And people who buy these cheaper boards, have a temporal view of surfing, it’s a phase, like people who work for companies and move into a small town then ruin its local character it to suit their specific shopping and restaurant needs. What the f-bomb do I mean? They go out into the ocean, don’t believe their are any rules because it’s all about them, and don’t want to build friendships, or even respect the ocean, because they’ll be gone in a few years. Then because these are mass-produced people, they leave and are replaced by others just like them, and the only difference is the next crew might remodel their house to block someone else’s ocean view.

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