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Let the bad people carry their consequences

May 4, 2013

Many of us have to deal with a variety of disappointments in life. It can be family members who misbehave in probate court. Long-time friends who come up short when you go through hard times or illness. People at work who throw you under the bus to advance their careers. Whatever. Sure, we have to deal with the consequences of their actions, but we can’t let the consequences of their actions remain with us beyond their actions. There will be a period where we rage,. talk to ourselves etc. But the bottom line: they made their behavior, they can justify it however they want, but let them carry it. Wherever they go, they will giver as false or suppressed version of what they did to other people, which somehow exonerates them as a victim, but the key is they can never really tell the truth, because the truth of their deeds is appalling to others, and would prevent them from either claiming their next victim, or gaining the professional respect of others around them, or establishing new friendships through gifts. But most of the time, they can’t conceal who they are, their personality flashes with eruptions, and sometimes thier own body turns against them with bizarre rashes, welts, indigestion, ulcers, etc.

Let them carry the deed. They did it. Consequences evaporate if you don’t let them define you. But their deeds are who they are, and what they have made of their lives, they have to carry them forever, or until they atone in some way, which rarely happens. If they do, fine. But in the meantime, you’ve left them with the consequences of their life and you’ve moved onto better things.

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