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Cyrano de Bergerac lost by a nose: a larger flaw in the poet

May 2, 2013

Cyrano de Bergerac has a big nose. This was used to show the world considered him ugly, unattractive, or a good way to get dust balls out of those hard to reach corners. But he is beautiful inside, right. It’s the soul of the person. He is contrasted against good-looking and insensitive studs, who are muscular, lustful, and probably secretly survive on a diet of warm puppies. Basically, he’s good and they’re bad. Yes, a didactic lesson is in this tale because the world judges beauty by physical looks not what’s inside the person–especially until they can get inside the person.

So there’s a woman, and surprise the woman is not attracted to Cyrano. She’s attracted to the warm-puppy-eating macho cold-cut-constructed stud. She doesn’t see the love and richness within the soul echoing within Cyrano’s nasal passages.

But no one questions that Cyrano isn’t looking or in lover with, an unattractive woman. He’s looking at a physically beautiful woman. How co0me he’s not trying to find another girl with a beautiful inner spirit and a huge honking schnozola? Because he’s looking for a woman who is beautiful on the outside but also beautiful on the outside!


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