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And so I dance with Lincoln

April 22, 2013

There are people who have fixed views who judge and try to halt my progess.

So I dance with Lincoln.

There are people who have political views they don’t moderate.

I dance with Lincoln.

There are people who won’t leave their comfort zone to help others.

I dance with Lincoln.

I’m standing opposite of him. And we’re rocking out on the edge of cliff along the California coast. I’m holding a surfboard and he’s dressed in a black suit and stovepipe hat. And he’s smiling and his eyes are twinkling.

I dance with Lincoln

In his eyes is Shakespeare, and in that smile the after taste of a joke to level the defuse the serious with a fresh solution, and there is a man shaking his limbs in awkward jerky movements, free of self-consciousness because he believes in freedom.

And so when I’m faced with struggle to stay close to my creation, broke because of rejection, laughing with a joke on myself, and turn to literature and history, the self-aggrandizing political world, and human nature trying to hid its claws in the wilderness.

I dance with Lincoln.

That’s why gravity doesn’t affect dreams, or the dreamless affect my hope, and why I’ll always reach out and not withdraw from the world, and still believe in the those better angels of our nature among the bitter, ideological, and greedy. I reach when I’m falling, and there’s always a conviction to hold onto a perfect union.

Because I’m dancing with Lincoln.

We laugh a lot.

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