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On The Road???

April 3, 2013

Ok, I went to see On The Road, and I felt like I was standing on the shoulder of the road with my thumb out waiting for this movie to take me somewhere–like to the novel. And if a film demanded to be shot in black-and-white, this was one: fifties, beat, cigarettes. ANd Kerouac definitely had sexuality issues, but he was a lot better looking than the star. Usually, the actor is better looking than the writer. He didn’t catch Kerouac’s haunted melancholy. On the bright side, Allen Ginsberg still comes off a whining self-centered wallflower queen, which actually made him more masculine. And finally a man looks at Kirsten Dunst and leaves her! Finally! Spiderman should have dumped her too!

And throughout the movie they have these people dry humping and three- and four-waying in the sack. I’m thinking–er, this wasn’t in the novel. It lost a lot of the charm and joy of the road. Its exhilaration. The film did capture the fact that these are lost people, adrift in a different America, an America during its most prosperous economic times, which in a way made their existence possible because there was always a job somewhere. And I don’t think there was even a mention of beat in the movie.

The real crime. It took seven years to get the book published and over 50 years to make the film. Imagine how emotional it would have been done by the actors of that time?

Regardless of how sad Kerouac ended, as an alcoholic throwing up in the toilet of his mother’s home, the book is about taking to the road, and it’s a journey that haunts everyone until they take it.And the journey changes you. I’ll keep that promise, because it’s not a lie.


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  1. April 3, 2013 11:54 pm

    Nice assessment! On the Road is one of those books I’ll always cherish, and I learned ages ago to never judge a book by its movie. (Conversely, you’ve gotta love any movie where Kirsten Dunst is the old hag of young actresses.)

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