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Fred Fragments

March 29, 2013

Fred Fragments–or Reiss’s Pieces


Fragment one


There are people in our lives who disappoint us in times of need. Oddly, most of the time there are warnings before they fall short. Sometimes when you ignore people’s faults, it’s like painting over a wall without cleaning it first. You painted it, but the dirt bubbles underneath.

They are self-inflicted people who try to get you to stand between them and their faults so they don’t feel the consequences of their actions.

All you can do is walk away so they have to deal with themselves. But they usually find someone else.


Fragment two:


If you’re working part-time employers can’t expect full-time loyalty.


Fragment three:


When you do you job, you should never have to ask for your money.

Fragment four:

If you have a hard time getting into jazz. Imagine each instrument as a bird singing. Say, if you were walking through the woods and a bird was chirping like Charlie Parker, or Stan Getz.


Fragment five:

Win your argument at work, lose your paycheck. You’re paid to get along with people. The simple way to evaluate this, when you’re at work, would you have that coworker over at your house? If not, you have to be paid to be with them.



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