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Excerpt from Today Cancer Tomorrow The World: How the movie Rocky Helped me Fight Cancer

March 22, 2013


Today Cancer Tomorrow The World can be purchased at or send $17.95 (includes shipping and receiving) for a signed copy to Fred Reiss, PO Box 733, Mount Hermon, CA. 95041


(After I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, I needed to create a mental frame of reference to deal with cancer. So I decided to rent the DVD of Rocky. But it wasn’t to see him win. It was for that first punch…)

Rocky 1

On my way home, I rented the DVD of rocky to watch one crucial scene. The scene I needed to see. Early in the first round of Rocky’s fight with Apollo Creed, Rocky unexpectedly throws an uppercut and drops the cocky champion. It was a punch Apollo didn’t think Rocky had. It was the punch that meant this was a real fight. I needed to be able to find that uppercut in me. My life had to become a fist. I watched the scene over and over and imagined delivering an uppercut to cancer, standing over it, waving my boxing gloves, watching its writhing slime sprawled on the mat, crawling, stunned, unable to get up. I watched that fight scene over and over and over again. Now, I had to become that punch every second in every minute of every day.


My cancer tears came like sweat.

chemo Gloves up
I’m giving my soul a workout. I’m in training for the fight of my life.

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