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Excerpt from Today Cancer Tomorrow The World: A Sorrento’s Sub

March 22, 2013



Eating Home Town Memories to Regain My LIfe

Today Cancer Tomorrow The World can be purchased at or send $17.95 (includes shipping and receiving) for a signed copy to Fred Reiss, PO Box 733, Mount Hermon, CA. 95041

In this section I have recovered from chemo and I’m able to taste again. A close Friend has sent me a Sorrento’s Sub from Freehold, NJ, where I grew up. I’m home and ready to eat it:

On the table is a Sorrento’s Sub sent to me from Freehold, New Jersey. The Number 5 Super: provolone cheese, salami, boiled ham, capicola, prosciutino. Frank Doyle, a close friend from our old neighborhood, overnighted the sub to me. We grew up mainlining those Number-5 Supers. They reinforced a Jersey rebar within our spines. No sub since has ever tasted better to me. There’s a deliciously spectacular culinary power of East Coast bread and beefsteak tomatoes and shredded lettuce slathered in a oils with mounds of wildly unwholesome thick and fat entrenched cold cuts. I hoist the sub up. Its saturated heft sags at the ends. The sub’s dampened and slightly soggy and pinched sides are overlapped with unevenly slapped together slices of layered meats tinged with the peppered edged with Capicola and wedged with provolone cheese.
But before I took a bite of the sandwich, I needed to create the appropriate Jersey atmosphere. I went to the closet, put on my red Sorrento’s Sub T-shirt, then grabbed a cd, cranked up our stereo and set the mood with Bruce Juice: Springsteen’s Tenth Avenue Freezeout.
I sat at the table, deeply inhaled the Sorrento sub’s oils, and tore off a bite of the sandwich. The sub was more than everything I wanted it to be–it was the greatest bite I’d ever take in my life. It was like receiving holy communion without ever having to confess because your sins are so damn original. I savored the past with the meal of the present. I ate comfort food from the home town that fed my hungry soul.

My taste buds were returning the flavor of me

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  1. Connie Bugajski Blackwell permalink
    March 24, 2013 6:20 am

    Hey Jesey Guy! Sorrento’s is mecca for me…and so is Jersey Freeze. When I return home, they are always on my list of places that I must visit. It is not just the food but what memories they conjure. Wishing you the best in your fight. And wishing you many trips home~~~Connie Bugajski

    • March 24, 2013 2:31 pm

      Thanks Connie. Appreciate the upbeat compliments. And you’re right, the food is like holy communion with the past–without heartburn.

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