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Socialistic Tea Baggers: Those who cry socialist, heal yourselves–without benefits.

November 3, 2012
I find it funny that most right-wing Tea Party and anti-Obama-ites believe in the free market but aren’t financial successes themselves! And the ones that are even more amusing are former military guys and defense industry people who have been supported by government jobs or receive those “socialistic” benefits. Of course government doesn’t create jobs–er, NASA.
If retired military service people are anti-government and believe in an unfettered free market, why should they continue to get benefits after they complete military service? People don’t get them after they quit their job in the public sector .Oh man will they wrap themselves in the AMerican flag and beat their drums and scream to keep their PX tax-free discounts and declare, “I served. What about the wounded?”  But the free market answer would be,”Well, you knew what you signed up for, take responsibility for your actions.” That’s what they say to people who are in danger of having their houses foreclosed. Why does it sound heartless when their logic is applied to them?
Of course we should take care of our wounded vets. These people decry the deficit. But imagine if some bean counter who wanted to reduce the deficit said those who didn’t serve in combat should get less benefits than those who were in combat, and wanted a copayment for care, and charged for student loans. No, the vets feel entitled because they served. Well, the only reason that commitment is honored is because it’s a government program. And it should be honored. But the unfettered Free Market would toss them on the scrap heap with the miners dying of black lung disease and people dying of cancer because they couldn’t afford the benefits. And do you hear anything about how Obama increased military benefits? Those who cry socialist, heal yourselves–without benefits.
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