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How Infusion Treatment Area Can Be Improved – excerpt from Today Cancer, Tomorrow The World

November 3, 2012

How Infusion Treatment Areas can be Improved

  • Instead of having professional nutritionists, or counselors, have a person who has survived cancer doing these tasks. Anyone going through chemo would take the advice or help from someone who’s been there seriously.
  • Have pictures in the hallway of people who survived cancer: or, a binder in the lobby with pictures of survivors and letters from them (After all, bed and breakfast places do this, why not Infusion Clinics?).
  • When a patient finishes chemo: 1.) Give them a card signed by all the nurses. 2.) Conduct an exit interview about the foods they were able to eat. 3.) Ask them how their experience could have been improved—or give them a form to take home to answer these questions. 4.) Take a picture of the patient with the nurses around them.
  • While patients are receiving chemo have a lounge area where: 1.) Where chemo patients can gather or socialize instead of remain isolated in their chairs. 2.) Chemo patients can hear lectures or see films. 3.) Eat food. 4.) Hold support group meetings. 5.) Or have private conversations on their cell phones.
  • Have a menu specifically designed for what you’ve found chemo patients can eat and drink. They can order off that menu and have food brought to them by volunteers (after all, nurses aren’t waitresses). If you establish a separate area for meals you don’t have to worry about clean-ups.
  • At construction sites, a lunch wagon pulls up, right? So why can’t there be a cart offering specific meals that can be ordered and brought to the patients at their chairs or a separate room?
  • No volunteers playing harps—stick with guitars.
  • Provide popsicles or flavored cups of Italian Ice.
  • Treat patients like they’re in business class and present them with a menu from the cafeteria they can order from.
  • Record your seminars and give people a chance to see them on-ine.
  • Give patient’s a card or a token to reduce their caregiver’s cost to park.
  • Have a lending library of books or movies to watch.
  • Try to cut a deal with Netflix or some other service and have iPads or some type of notebook where people can watch movies. I think people would donate them or cash to do this; or perhaps the companies who do this would donate their products for use by cancer patients.
  • If you have to have pictures of donors on wards have a nameplate but DON’T list their birth and DEATH dates.
  • Cancer is seen as a stigma in the job market. Some people undergoing chemo have lost their jobs, if their business skills match the hospital’s administrative needs, the hospitals should make the effort to hire then, or perhaps stress the importance to high-profile donors, the need for companies to hire survivors.
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