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Intro to my work-in-progress “Today Cancer, Tomorrow The World!

September 10, 2012

No one knows where these aliens came from or how these self-destructive creatures invade the bodies of their future victims. Some thought this unknown malignant mass was evolving mutations within the living to eventually become immortal. It preyed upon every living thing. It has no organs. It has no nervous system. It has no mouth but swallows its victims whole. It takes the lives of millions and millions. None are safe. It devours pre-med and premees, realtors and homeless, hedge-fund managers and caregivers, soccer Moms and deadbeat dads, Oscar winners and community-house players, Black Labs and Siamese cats, CEOs and janitors, investigative journalists and public-relations hacks, mob bosses and district attorneys, junk-food addicts and health-food freaks, breasts and testicles. The creature’s tissue growth invasively expands its malignant helix-like fingerlings that latch, twist, bind and engorge the blood and oxygen supply from its host’s lungs, stomach, liver, pancreas, brain, colon—this mutant has no tongue so everything tastes the same. Its thriving invading force robustly spreads like malignant pollen and blossoms throughout the victim’s body. The malevolent mob advances, multiplying and dividing, ravenously spreading and feeding. It never stops looting. As the alien swarm enlarges, their suffering victim shrinks, fades away and dies. Then, without their host’s life-support system to provide the embedded alien with blood and oxygen, the mutated tumorous mass dries up, cracks open, dissolves and completes its suicide mission by becoming one with its unforgiving and forever silenced host.

This mutating invader has no feelings. No love or hate. No fear or remorse. No reasoning. There’s no bargaining with it.

And it’s inside me.

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