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Excerpt from “Today Cancer, Tomorrow The World.” about my battle with the Big C

September 6, 2012

After getting my last chemo…another excerpt:

The ones to cling to the reality of death are no different to me than priests who cling to the upraised blue-veined pole celibacy as the whirling harem of life spins around them. Their inevitable logic will come to pass, but that’s like sitting in the center of the merry-go-round where it doesn’t move and pleased that when the ride inevitably stops and validates their philosophy. Bring on the horses! Let them spin and spin. Death doesn’t deserve credit. The people who use death as contrast to enjoy life have never really seen it. After going through the cancer and suffering and unable to dust off the pain of others, I seek moments free of mortality. And that’s life. The unfurling and flapping moments of life are an answer in themselves. Everything I see is like a film projector is inside of me and I was in my own movie where every camera shot and every second was a revelation and I get to star as me. And I’m running till I hit empty.

I see new dawns with wearied but refreshed eyes.

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