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Fred For Your Head: On Clint Eastwood talking to a chair at GOP

September 1, 2012

You know what I get a kick out of, if I start ripping into Romney, all these guys who are pro-gun or pro-life or anti-government who knee-jerk right wingers who never get their facts from an attributed news source, start going, “You’re biased!” Yeah, and, I’m fine. Yourself?One interesting fat, conservatives always lambast Democrats for being enamored of Hollywood stars, but when Clint takes the state their eyes gleam and their mouths drop in awe. But that’s OK, right.

Before Clint in Paint Your Wagon, sang “I Talk To The Trees,” now I guess he figured the tree became a chair, so let’s talk.

Clint wanted to perform with a monkey instead of a chair, but Paul Ryan didn’t want to do it. – visit

In keeping with Republican tradition, after Clint’s performance with the chair, Clint as well as the chair refused to comment.

– visit

Clint talking to empty chairs? Hell, throughout Romney’s campaign he was talking to auditoriums filled with empty chairs.

– visit

Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason Clint talked to an empty chair was that he believed he was in the oval office.

– visit

Republicans thought it was perfectly natural for Clint to talk to an empty chair, since Republicans eat alone and look across the table at an empty chair because their views are so intolerable they can’t get dates- visit

Clint was talking to as chair to promote his upcoming film: Assisted Living.- visit

After Clint did his chair act, Romney decided not to follow him by keeping several plates spinning on sticks to the Sabre Dance.- visit

Clint had to talk to an empty chair because Topo Gigio couldn’t make the gig.- visit

Clint talking to a chair, was this a GOP party platform or an Alzheimer drop?- visit

I know why Romney said,”God bless Neil Armstrong.” Because the moon and GOP have one thing in common: no signs of life.- visit

It makes sense for Clint to talk to an empty chair, after all he talked to Romney who is an empty suit.- visit

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