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Excerpt from my work-in-progress: Today Cancer, Tomorrow The World

July 10, 2012

There is a key difference that sets people with cancer apart from others cruising on life’s highway. We have a tollgate in our lane, whereas other people are speeding by, laughing, listening to the music, and continuing on their journey. But for us, we’re going down our lane, looming ahead of us is a distant but approaching blinking red light of a yellow toll and we will have to stop at it, stare at the lowered gate and await the results of a test that says so far our journey is cancer free. Then and only then will the gate rise to allow us to continue. The unimpaired carefree joyfully drive on the highway. They are irritated. We aren’t going fast enough, we’re slowing them down. They honk and pass us. We drive slower because we veer to avoid hitting wisdom and judgment crossing the road. We are riding with the top down taking in the scenery of quiet moments of exhilaration with a different kind of acceleration. The passing of time doesn’t steal our moments. The present is a handful of air in the currents perpetually winding and building around us. For our tentative lives are but inflections in the breeze. All we can hope for is a Fast Pass to get us through the many checkpoints ahead.

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