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Big C organics worship at the chia-tea altar of wheat grass.

June 26, 2012

Victory dinner and movie

I was telling people I was cancer-free, and said how I was going to celebrate by have a ribeye, baked potato, wine, and Hagen Daz vanilla ice cream. You’d think I’d get encouragement but a woman who I surf with said this to me, “Fred, you spent months healing by poisoning your body with chemo. It poisoned the cancer out of you. So in a way, you did not heal, the chemo just killed the cancer. The foods you are choosing cause cancer. Red meat and dairy have been scientifically proven to cause cancer. Try eating foods that help your body to recover. Over time you will just repoison yourself. Drink fruit smoothies, eat apples, brocolli, healthy things like that. I’m happy that you are better, but it’s a shame you do not choose to heal yourself.”

Who can argue with eating healthy? And chemo is deadly, which is why HAZMAT crews come to hospitals to dispose of its containers. And on my post-chemo menu I have an aversion to almost all fried and junk foods. But these nutrition freaks are clinging to the false gods of organic rice, wheat grass, and yeast. They are comforting themselves with the illusion that their diet makes them immune because their body has low ph levels. It’s their way to make order out of the unknown. Many people who eat well die from the Big C or get it. Adele Davis, Linda McCartney, and other people who are rich enough to afford to eat a steady diet of organic foods. No one is safe! Cancer doesn’t fear vegetables, however, it might fear broccoli, a horrid bunched green that I suspect is a major chemo ingredient. When it comes to people who talk about alternative care through diets to reduce tumor size, I refer these organic mendicants for treatment  at the Bob Marley Memorial wing or The Steve Jobs Herbal Tumor Clinic.

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  1. Laureen permalink
    June 28, 2012 4:33 am

    I was honestly floored when I saw the comment you’re speaking of….PS, I’ve been a vegetarian for 40 years and it didn’t keep cancer out of my body!

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