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Bikers and motorists: Where’s you ID Spandex boy?

June 25, 2012

Bikers claim the same rights as a motorist and I’m fine with that. But my car has a license plate and if I do something stupid people can track me down. But when I’m a pedestrian, walking along Pleasure Point or Cowells, I have been nicked or nearly hit and had the person grunt a curse more than once, but I can’t identify them. When I’m driving or crossing the street at Pleasure Point bikes alongside each other not behind each other and justify it because “it’s our road too” then whine how motorists for not properly sharing the road. But they see nothing wrong with running Stop signs or using crosswalks to cut across streets to avoid street light (It’s a crosswalk–not a cross-bikeride!).They want it both ways, I look out for bikers and I don’t mind sharing the road, especially winding mountain roads. But I find the more Spandex the bigger the jerk. And I’m tired of their self-righteous tones, after all bike lanes in commercial districts might be nice for them but they removed parking spaces for business and also create bottlenecks for traffic. You want equal rights on the road with me or when I’m a pedestrian then give me a way to identify you so you can’t leave the scene of the accident to avoid your accountability and responsibility to sharing the road, the crosswalk, and the sidewalk with me. And booga bogga to you!

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