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Golfing against Cancer

June 18, 2012

You step up to the tee on a golf course made of cancer. The course has been unfairly tricked out. It has been lengthened so you can’t reach certain greens in two shots. The rough has been allowed to grow. The fairways have been narrowed. Trees have been planted to block approach shots. Bunkers have been strategically placed to limit how far you can drive the ball. The greens have been cut so they are hard and fast. Everything has been designed against you by some unseen force that wants to take you down, wants you to give up, wants to break you down, wants you to die. There are people in the gallery who don’t believe you will make it. There are others who pity you. There are some who pray for you and if you don’t make it console themselves as a test of their faith in the game of another world. And you notice there are some faces missing from the crowd because they can’t deal with anyone playing with a mortality handicap–they’ve been trying to avoid this game their whole lives. But the only ones you care about are cheering for you. And there are so many surprising faces and banners and songs coming from them.

You place the soul of your life on the tee.  It’s all on the line. You can’t think of the hazards. You have to keep your rhythm. The course is trying to make you doubt your abilities. You stand over your life and swing. You land in the fairway. To your surprise, your soul moves beyond your strength and is powered by the cheers and applause and laughter and the love your rhythm of your life generated in others, and the soul avoids the rough, soars over the bunkers the trees and softly bounces on the hard green past the roll, then the love backspins the round glowing force into the hole and your soul explodes with cheers and jubilant tears.

The course vanishes and you defeated it with one swing because you stay in play with life not death. You will have to believe this, because every day you wake up, you’ll have a tee time on this course forever.

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