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Sorrentos Subs to the rescue against the Big C: you can’t beat the Freehold, NJ in me

June 9, 2012


Trying to rebuild. The best way to go is with comfort food from my youth. My Freehold-NJ friends come to my rescue and bring in reinforcements to fight the Big C with the power of life. Sorrentos Subs! They teamed up to overnight me a sub sandwich to me in California. Just the act tasted better than the sandwich. I mainlined those subs as a kid. The Super and the Special were my favorites. And after my Mom then after my Dad passed, I returned to Freehold to scatter their ashes on the lawn because that’s where our family was the happiest, and that’s where Mom and Dad were happiest together. The Stonehurst development was a great place to grow up. Even the number of my address: 223 Stonehurst Blvd., (The number 223 I always see as a sign of good luck in whatever I do, when I see it on the digital clock or on the page of a book I feel good and briefly glow. When I scattered their ashes I said, “You’re home now.” Then I went to Federicis’s for pizza, after that purchased about five subs at Sorrentos, and a couple cans of Monmouth County Peanut Brittle. Growing up in Freehold was a special time that built the brick-and-mortar of my Fredness soul. I put on Bruce Springsteen’s 10th Avenue Freezeout and munched away. Cancer had to deal with chemo, but now it has to handle the healthy rejuvenating force of a Sorrentos Sub! Cancer can’t taste what I swallow! But those soulless cells are going to have to choke it down. They took a hit from chemo, but those cancer cells are going to be finished off by the love that sends me a Sorrentos Sub. I contained gratitudes!


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