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Don’t cringe, it’s only me dangling from the thin line of hope to climb out of the darkness

June 7, 2012


Showing my orchiectomy (Testicle-lopping operation I received at the Stanford Cancer Center, where the doc cuts into your crotch and plucks out the testicle by the sperm cord like a yo-yo on a string) at the cove in Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz. The little bump on the left side of my chest is a medical port (which can be accessed instead of having an IV needle bruise the veins in your arm). People want to know about these things but cringe when they see them. I once had catheter tubes coming out of the middle of my back that were connected to urine bags straps to my legs to reduce my kidneys so they could handle thew toxic flow of chemo. And like I said, people cringe because they are seeing these things from the outside, but from my view on the inside out, the tubes and port and the scar are my lifeline of hope to climb out of the deep well of darkness to the light. I’m not ashamed pf having cancer I want to share what I’ve gone through to help other people cringe less and help others through their pain more. I am not scarred. These are cosmetic improvements to show my soul’s best qualities. Don’t cringe, look at them so you can get a grip of them and help me into the light. Shine on, Daddy-o!

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