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Attack of The Green Goblin at the Stanford Cancer Clinic

March 22, 2012

This woman burst into the Stanford Cancer Infusion ward as if she is looking for someone to refill her chardonnay glass so she can get back to a group of women just like her. who is probably in his mid-sixties and trying to butt-head with 48. She had sprayed green hair, and wears a green blouse and dres and shoes and has lime green painted toe nails and fingernails. SHe is about 5′”10 and had way more than her share of fun in the sun. The flesh on her legs and flapping thin limbed arms was folded and flappped like edged parchment. My first feeling was: the woman’s a alcholic and she already half bombed, or gettinggrouchy because she can’t have a drink.And she’s making a grand entrance. I have my headphones on, so I miss most of it. But she made a big deal over just getting settled in her stupid chair. And then after she was hooked up, she takes out her checkbooks and note pads and starts writing.

Later I take my headphones off, and she’s in the next chair to my right but fortunately  a curtain is drawn between us and then she starts bithcing about everything, “WHy is this machine always beeping? I think it’s like just ignore me, so what you have to do , and then get back when you feel like it. I ome here in the evening and then you’re still short-staffed and I have to wait. WHy am I fucking here?”

“There’s no need for that language and calm down,” said my nurse, who is pleasant and trying to talk to the Green Goblin.

I said, to my nurse who had been hanging my chemo, “If you want to take care of her, I can wait.”

“No,” she lowered her voice. “I don;t go for that. There are a lot of sick people here who are not like.” She raised her voice and said, “We’ll get your nurse.”

The nurse arrives and the Green Goblin said.”This is ridiculous, this machine is on the wrong side, the tray table doesn’t come up higher and it’s banging on my legs. She moved the machine but the tube tightens and Goblin lets out a disproportionate yelp of pain, flailing.

“There’s no need to be hysterical,” said my nurse.

“Go to hell,” snapped the Goblin.

When I left she was coaching the nurse on how to adjust a folding table so she could work and recline.  There’s an all-about-me person. You know the only thing she ever thought about her whole life is how everything affects her.



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  1. Laureen permalink
    March 23, 2012 3:21 am


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