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Kapow you low life piece of nothing I’m answering the bell, you Big C mothafuka!

February 24, 2012


I come out of the corner into the ring, urine bags on my sides, a little thinner.

Coming out of its corner is the gargoyle of the Big C, a pile of molten gray cellls. But it’s no bigger than me. It’s cocky because the last two rounds he had me falling, staggering, vomiting, hungry…

It comes in for more of my blood supply. Its clawed thumbed hands drop. It gave me an opening.

Kapow! I throw a shot. It staggers back.

“Yeah, that was me you soulless evil thing.”

Kapow! Another right from Fred man.A welt forms over its non reflective right pupil.

“That’s for killing my Mom!”

Kapow! I kick The Big C in its gooey stubby shin. It bends down. I throw an uppercut to its mealy head, leaving an impression of my angry fist.

“That’s for killing my Dad!” I said dancing around it to the beat of John Mellencamp’s “Human Wheels” song.

Kapow! A kick to its flat crotch. The Big C is burbling. It’s flesh sizzling and looking like dried rubber glue where I have hurt it. It’s starting to devour itself in a search for a blood suppply it lacks because it doesn’t have a heart.

“That’s for every dream you killed and every light you extinguished. Yeah, take it. How many have you taken, well you might have taken my ballls but you’;re not taking the man. Where you going, there’s no neutral corner here. There’s no ref. If there was you wouldn;t be here. You call that a punch, is that all you got. I haven’t even started on what I’m going to do  to you. You’re going down hard and you’re going down with pain. No rules! Where the hell are my pliers?”

Squeal and squiggle and shrink you wonder pf deathlessness.

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