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Fred’s new Chemosabi-wine: Fred’s Pelvic Yellow: a Vertical

February 4, 2012


What can I say, some call it a moment of inspiration and psychotics say it’s a moment of clarity. I like to think I’m somewhere between the two. Certainly better than bewailing my fate to the Gods.


Okay, excuse me will I pull the rest of this story out…

When the Stanford Cancer Center probers poke my kidney beans to drain the backed up urine on and reduced my enlarged kidneys and also reduce creatinin levels, they use tubes connected to bags that are strapped to your legs with velcro strap (Panties without the hose), they call these drainage move hydronephosis (Only someone who needs to justify greek as a dead language after eight years of being stultified in med school could possibly come up with such a sterile and disinterested term that inflicts an enormous amount of comfort on a patient–by the way, I’ve learned that anything that inflicts and enormous amount of discomfort on a patient is called a “medical procedure.

I thought I could make some bucks out of this, so what to you think of my new wine? Fred’s yellow? I figure if I can’t make anything out of my own pain and suffering I’m either a Buddhist sitting under a tree, or a guy who just wants to make a urine-wine-dick joke, which frankly I’ll take over anyone trying to bhagavad gita my ass! I haven’t tasted it, but I do recommend aging it forever and ever drinking it. You know it’s a for-show wine. It cost me just about as much to make it as just about every over-inflated and overvalued Napa Valley cab.

Some say when life give you lemons make–well, fuck that, I never liked those positive spin morons because they always used platitudes of concern to conceal their indifference to my pain.

So my take is I’m urinating, I’m decanting.

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  1. February 4, 2012 5:44 pm

    Pricey and aged, but tell me you won’t be pouring this at Skov, si?

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