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Big C Cancer Conspiracy and the health food industry

February 4, 2012

First off, all the Big C’s constant treatments reduce me to a marked down item in every way. The first battle is not to walk around like either a retired guy who lives in his car, or a loser who doesn’t have a job. So you have to avoid wearing drawstring pants and hooded sweatshirts in public. Fine to walk around in the house or go out into the driveway to read get your paper. But never see those items as clothes that are accepted in mainstream society ( I don’t carte if you’re going to the gym, wear clothes, work out, then wear clothes.

Okay so that’s one trap of avoid.

The second one to avoid: becoming a health food person. There’s definitely a parallel between find almost all food tasteless and being reduced the healthy protein broths and shakes or weird pasty things that look like they plopped on a fat green leaf from a palm tree. But here’s my belief, I think the health food industry and the chemotherapy industry are they’re conspiring to make everything taste so we have to buy health food. Where’s Olive Stone when I need him.

I have dreams of zombies approaching me with their arms extended and saying, “Try the humus, try the humus.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. I need to be rescued by those new superheros: Chips And Salsa.

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  1. Laureen permalink
    February 4, 2012 7:57 pm

    I have a mental list of foods I can’t wait to eat….and chips and salsa are at the top of the list…really crunchy chips..and the hottest salsa !!!! hahahhaaa!

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