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A little Distance Courtesy of The Big C: beware of toll collectors and the ugliness of wisdom

January 24, 2012

This is my second round of cancer. I had testicular cancer over 20 years–no 30 years ago, maybe a little less (Ah time, that evil pickpocket that steals away the present sometimes before you can taste it). But I taste it now. I mean what is life without a sequel? One of the key differences between those who have had cancer, or have cancer and the people who are just floating around in the stream of life making dinner reservations and complaining about car repairs and the thousand natures shocks that their health-care plan doesn’t cover–well, those with cancer or who have passed through the gauntlet of its imminent destruction, have a toll gate on their highway, whereas other people are speeding by, laughing, listening to the music, and continuing on their journey, But for us, we’re going down the road and way ahead we see a blinking red light atop a yellow booth and we know we will have to stop at it, stare at the gate and the long road ahead with so much promsie and friendship and await the results of a test that says we are cancer free and the gate will come up and we can continue on.

Those who can drive by freely on the highway compared to our stops and starts. Ah the ignorance of joy and the ugliness odf wisdom.

We have to run away from wisdom and chase that joy in quiet moments of exhilaration. And time doesn’t steal our moments. The presents is a handful of air in the currents winding around us and we’re in full trim. For we are but inflections in the breeze.

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