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Memories and buddies and images from the dream of life smother the Big C nightmare

January 22, 2012



I have to bring my life into the Infusion room of the the Stanford Cancer Center. So I brought numerous snap shots of my life: doing comedy day, surfing, Dad drinking beer the kitchen, Mom making perogis, drinking beers with friends, laying them across my heart. I can use all the reinforcements I can get. Never let the cancer reduce you to a body. That’s submission. Add some vermouth to your tea. Come on guys, follow me. No prisoners, it’s time to a Tet-Offensive two-step.

They say life is a dream. Health is definitely the machine that projects it. I don’t know about a dream, but it’s a pilot light that spreads out. There are plenty of others who live life as a dream, then compartmentalize their life and forget that it might be compartments but they are all room in a faulty constructed Mystery House that will never be completed or finished or available for parties. So I see it as a beam, and even when the beam narrows you take it with you, but it draws you out and gives you strength if you have given, and fought for keeping the hopes your parents had when they first held you in their arms and you reached out with d=tiny hands into a blurry dark world and held their fingers to swing into this life.

I am the sum of all their parts and better for it. At best, we;’re all like the Beatles, when we are all together we become something bigger than ourselves. So following that logic, Yoko is my cancer.

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