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Tough Love For the Big C: Talking to the Tumor

January 21, 2012

Okay tumor, this is Freddy Chemosabi. We have to address a few things.You’ve been living inside me without permission. You keep on multiply and dividing and growing and spread to look for other blood sources to stay alive because you have no heart, no circulatory system or body functions. Wherever you go you cause pain inside me. It was a covert action, but now at the Stanford Cancer Center I know you’re there. I’ve located your presence, assessed your strength, and seen the result of your collateral damage on my kidneys. I’m at the controls of my recliner armed with IV dripping drugs of defoliation, flying over you. I look down and see you.

You’re not that good looking. You’re like a black air bladder, a gooey one, slimy, and blubbery, Something Satan hacked out out into my organs.

What do you reminded me of: 

1.) Right now you are like a sibling that has been living with their parents too long and gets supported by them and eats their food and doesn’t amount to anything except a big drain on the remaining years of their lives, and when they are gone, after you have nothing to feed on, you die bitter that they aren’t there to provide for you anymore.

2.) You’re a roommate who eats other people’s food in the fridge.

3.) You are the boss who kisses up and kicks down at work and lives to humilate other workers to maintain power but never produces anything because people are afraid to go against them for fear of losing their job.

4.) You are the anger that keeps people from peeling back the kindness inside them that would enrich their life by reaching out to others.

5.) I intend to outgrow you, My cells are going to reproduce faster than your. They are pounding your nihilistic atoll, they are coming in waves and will slowly wear down your shores, crack through in rivulets, split you apart, and you will crumble and lose your grip and I was piss your out into the toilet of your newfound infinity.

6.) How can I do this to you. Because Cancer doesn’t have me, I have you. And who loves you. No one. Do you have a mother? A father? A childhood? You are a mutant without a planet.

7.) You strength is to wasted life, which is something some people can do without you, but either way, you’re a force that has to be dealt with.

Gradually, throughout my battle with you, the weapons I’m using are temporarily making me lose my taste buds for foods I love, but I just want you to know, I have not lost my taste for taking  you down.

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  1. January 22, 2012 2:49 am

    “You’re a room mate that eats others people food in the fridge”…I just love that one. I didn’t like that little varment in my body last year. Keep fighting the C Fred!!.

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