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Chemosabi Fred Marches into the Land of the Shrinking Big C in the Chemo room

January 21, 2012

Chemosabi Fred trying to slam down some chemo.

Not the best way to do chemo. I told the Stanford Cancer Center it was a method I learned in a bar in Chico. I also suggested serving the anti-nausea pills in jello shots

Well Chemosabis, I’m getting my blood drawn through my medical port, andI tell the guy how I see the chemo ward at the Stanford Cancer Center as a gym where I will work out< :I know I’m strong and it’s getting weaker, and =when these makes me weaker and I’m going slow or throwing up, I know I’m weak but still getting stronger and the weakness is part of my power, I will not give into it.”

The guy says, “You have a great attitude. A lot of people miss the whole thing. They just say. ‘I was health, why did this happen to me.” Or “Why me?” They miss it.”

So I figure I’m taking pictures, I’m letting my personality take this on. I’m not a body being dragged into submission by the medical programs. I’m riding myself like a bucking bronco and that’s the force that is leading chemo on the charge.

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