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Any Port in a Chemo Storm – Get a Slip in the harbor!!!

January 20, 2012

FRED’S PORT JUGULAR VEIN (Sorry to disappoint you that I don’t show a nipple!)

If you’re be treated for cancer, make sure you start off with a port. You won’t have to get an IV again. You can save your veins, which means you won’t look like a heroin addict a year from now because your veins after IVs will look like crumbled ropes. Man, the one thing I dreaded was having an IV in me–it’s  in your skin like a perpetually groping stationary splinter. Torture. Worse than watching some of the later Woody Allen movies (Midnight in Paris is an exception, the last five need treatment more than I do.)

But the port is insert surgically under your skin and has a line that goes right into you vein. The skin grows over it and you can do an activity. And no pain!! Well, there can be some pain, but they give you a lotion that you put on your skin an hour and numbs it before they access the port, like novacaine. The items yo9u are seeing dangle was  a needle the surgeon put into the port so at my first visit they didn;t have to set the needle up for me to get me as a connected to get my intranveous feed,

So if you’re debating about, don’t! Go for it. It will relieve your suffering and free you arms. Here’s an illustration:

Amazing how oncologists don’t turn you onto ports. I had the ADVOCATE my care (which means doing things for yourself the doctor doesn’t do because he doesn’t care about your pain only the procedures he/she recommends.) Most of the difficulties I have had are callous doctors just racking up fees, or Indian doctors who weren’t born in this country and lack people skills and don’t have the same view of the our value on the quality of life. It’s like if they recommeneded amputating three of your fingers, they’d just say, wheel you can use your other hand to play the flute to get the cobra out of the basket. Well, I’m not a goddamn cobra, and I ain’t dancing in no basket.

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  1. Laureen permalink
    January 20, 2012 7:36 pm

    Wise words 🙂

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