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Half-filled bottles of beer in the ocean and The Big C and blue-claw crabs

January 16, 2012

When I was a kid and fishing for flounder with my Dad on a rowboat in Belmar Basin, New Jersey. We’d tied moss bunker into crab traps and lower them, bait our hooks and  sit in the boat and wait for a bite. In the ocean I would see these half-filled bottles upright, and floating and bouncing in the water. And later I made the connection between people who are half-filled with compromise and the other half with water-down dream just to stay afloat.

A lot of people do that. They go though life, just bopping.

I always vowed I’d never be one of them.

When we’d pull up the crab trap, I’d blow this long plastic horn. And sometimes a severely stunned blue-claw crab would be in the trap, claws poised, moving side to side.

I hoped I’d never be him either!

The closest I’ve come is sitting in a cubicle at a bank in a day job to support doing comedy at night. Nothing half-filled, but half centered.

But now, the Big C has pulled me up from my world, and like that furious crab. I might have been pulled up while I feasted on the bait of a dream with my friends, but I’m not in a trap and anything that reaches for me–well, there’s power gathering in my fists.

Go after the beer bottles BiG C and leave me alone–they’re half dead anyway so they won’t notice the difference when they’re filled and sink and bounce on the bottom.


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