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Harps at the Stanford Cancer Center not a good choice

January 13, 2012

Okay, I go into the Stanford Cancer Center for treatment. The plaza has a combination mall and spaceship interior–it could be a museum entrance, really. Anyway, as I walk down to my clinic to the left you see cubicles that also have people playing guitars, giving massages, and then, then…harps! Yikes! Harps is not a good choice for an instrument. At least the person isn;t wearing wings and a robe. But a harp! Help, what if the person playing it starts to ascend to the ceiling? WHy do they have this musician out there, because most people who play the harp are pretty depressing looking. If you’re looking for gloomy, why not have someone playing the cello (the most depressing instrument in the world that’s only good for funerals, flashbacks filled with regret, or the coming of fall in a movie). And the women who play it are really depressing, usually pear-shaped, and have oily hair that limply hangs on the round head. But getting back to the harp, I guess if would be good if your prognosis is bad. The oncologist brings you in, you’re sitting on the butcher paper they have on their examining table, then the harpist comes in and starts to play, and they give you the bad news and discuss getting your affairs and order as you’re walking to the light.

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  1. January 13, 2012 3:54 am

    fred you oh so rock

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