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Lord of the Rings and The Big C’s shadowy world of light

January 3, 2012

For the first time I’m reading Lord of The Rings. I figured I needed a fantasy in my mindset to get through the shadowed light of the Big C’s world. (That’s as close as I can get to being a GOP talking-point who believes in voting for people running for office who are saying government is our enemy. Duh? ). Anyway, it’s really good. I guess the movie ending with Gandolf bouncing on a bed with several hobbits and dwarfs in the PENN State Shire’s Daycare kept me away from the book–as well as most of the geeks who seemed to ignore the fiction of their own lives in favor of another world.

So I take up what inspires me, and go the Middle Earth of my body to pursue the stranger inside me.

Boy, did this guy pick the wrong host.

Onwards, but Gandolf, no hugs and I will not dance on your bed. I’m merely stamping on inanimate things trying to kill me.

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