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Paddling to the Light: Suspending Disbelief

December 29, 2011

If you read a book a believe a guy named Captain Ahab wants to kill a white whale, well you suspended disbelief and got into the spell. The same holds true for life, it is a series of inanimate objected that can only be brought into the spell of your life if you suspend disbelief.

I’m out in the water. The crowd is hellacious. Tons of wave catchers on foam boards. Clueless women who think they’re cool because they live in Pleasure Point, have a 4-runner, a dog, and surf. The worst. Wave hogs. People who just lay in front of you and don’t move when you are clearly going for a wave…etc.

I suspended disbelief in this sea so I could fight THE BIG C. I have to get stronger, I don;t have to join and try to compete against these people, they will take me away from my strengths. I have to just stay there in that world, and look at the other people as bad novels that can’t cast a spell into the fiction we eventually have to call the dream of our lives. After all it’s all a blur unless we bring it into focus.

A wave is coming in the Big C, trying to wipe me out, but I’m not going to punch through it, I’m taking the drop and see ya Big C.

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