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Paddling to the light with the March of the Wooden Soldiers and Laurel and Hardy to drive out the Big C

December 24, 2011

Ok, how many Freehold, NJ Christmas Days did I lay on the rug in our Jersey home and watch Laurel and Hardy in The March of the Wooden Soldiers on Channel ELeven? One of the great inspirations of a Christmas movie is when Laurel and Hardy realize they can activate the large Wooden soldiers and drive Barnaby and his Bogey Men and save Toyland.

No matter how hard life gets or how many body slams reality throws at me, this film teaches me that somewhere inside of me Laurel and Hardy are ready to launch the wooden soldiers to protect me. I smile and with this tumor inside me, I shed  a tear and smile because I welcome their rescue.

Release them Stan and Ollie, let the soldiers march out and drive out the tumor inside me, because I believe in the rescue. These among other inspiring moments, are leading a charge against an an inanimate object that can only cause pain.

Stan and Ollie you’re films have always been part of my soul, and I need you now more than at any time in my life.

I hear your trumpets.

I hear them.

They are getting louder and my smile is lined with tears.


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