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Fred tells you how to get along with everyone but it’s not genuine

December 13, 2011

Ben Franklin never argued with anyone because he felt it only hurt him in business and politics, And joking weith people is probably the worst thing, because if you have to add later, “I was joking,” then explain what you meant, oh, you are so done.

So how do you get along with everyone? Only talk about them. Ask them about themselves. Don’t say anything about yourself or ask for anything. They will always think well of you.

Online it’s amazing how brutal people are with their comments, largely because they are protected by anonymity, and aren;t speaking directly to the person’s face. So they have objectified you. So to avoid doing this, just think about this, would you say it to their face? And also remember, when you write something, no one sees the half smiles, a gleam in your eyes, or other body language that indicates a lightness is your intent.

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