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I want the old pinball machines back

November 30, 2011

You go into a bar or an arcade, and you see these enormous pinball machines with numerous ramps and chutes and five balls that suddenly erupt if you hit a certain object. I was a Jersey kid who grew up banging those pleasure machines. SO I lament an advancement that overdeveloped a game.

This is what I object to:

1.The pinball machine shouldn’t be louder than you. When I hit a bumper, the sound doesn’t come from the object I hit–it comes from an electronic speaker. When I hit something I want it to make the sound.

2.) Pull down the ramps, who the hell wants to play a freeway? Get back to aiming at specific objects.

3.) And that’s the deal with only getting three balls. In most pinball games you usually get two stale balls. So that only leads you with a miracle ball.

4.) Tighten up the space between the flippers so you can dig thge ball out when it seems it is going to drop behind you.

I’m done. I know the old machines were hard to maintain, but I prefer them. My favorite was a baseball game that had holes for each base where you aimed to ball for hits, and a flaps in outfield that gave you a chance to get hits or lose your ball. Ah simplicity where for art thou?

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