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What is the one thing tea party and moronic right-wingers have in common?

November 27, 2011

Question: What is the one thing tea party and moronic right-wingers have in common?
Answer: Instead of making cogent and valid insights into government or to dispute your arguments, or support theirs, they use their OWN lives as EXAMPLES. And they are bad examples that usually reveal bitterness, disappointments, and their shortcomings.

The library in my town has begun to lay off workers and uyse volunteers as scab to do lay offs. One director said to an exiting employee, “Well, I hear Petsmart is hiring.”

Here’s a sample of a bitter person using themselves as a example and being completely unsympathetic to another person’s plight.

This is what the moron said:

“And what is wrong with working at petsmart? that is a very fine job. nothing wrong with it at all… do you think you are too good to get your hands dirty doing real work? It sounds to me that them library workers are all high and mighty.. and afraid to get their hands dirty.. and feel to educated to work outside of the field of their choice. i will work in any field at any pay.. i do not think i am above any sort of work. i work for churches that have no money and are full of dirt. i definitely am not working in the field of my choice either…. and definitely do not earn as much as i should. i do not whine i go to work, and accept any job that is offered to me. And part of the problem is that they were getting payed way more I have not seen those library workers doing anything that i could not do, and i have no degree in library sciences. it does not take a degree to know the duey decimal system…and how to put a book on a shelf.. and perhaps dust. that is what the majority of the workers were doing there.”

The internet allows people to turn others into objects. There’s a cruelty there. I doubt if they would say harsh comments to someone’s face. But it’s disturbing that the people who are truly disenfranchised are misdirecting their anger at the little guy.

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