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A Great Thanksgiving and Holiday Movie: March of The Wooden Soldiers with Laurel and Hardy

November 24, 2011

Stan Laurel had red hair. I mention this because he wanted “March of The Wooden Soldiers” to be shot in color (There are some color versions now). Outside of the lame musical numbers with Bo peep and Tom Tom. This is a great and captivating movie for a kid to see. The bad guy Barnaby, Stand and Ollie fighting back the Bogey Men with PeeWees. The little mouse.

And a great heroic moment where Stan and Ollie realize they can defeat the Bogey Men. As a child it’s impossible not to feel the rush of exhilaration when Stan points and says to Ollie, “The Wooden Soldiers ” and they push the buttons on the giant soldiers and dance at the troop march to the song and drive Barnaby and the bogey out of Toyland.

Inspiring when the downtrodden comic triumphs.

Laurel and Hardy, the greatest comedy team.

My favo

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