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Golfing after a two year break

November 20, 2011

Golf and my Dad with hardwired together. I’d get better at golf then play in a tournament with him. But when he died, the thrill of golf left me. Every swing was like digging a hole of grief.

I read Dennis Love’s book on losing his father and wrote to him. I was disappointed he didn’t acknowledge my letter. It two me two years to get back on a golf course. But the game was largely meaningless for me, and this was coupled with losing my job, and unable to even justify reaching into my pocket to play golf when I wasn’t looking for work. Golf should be ice cream, something you look forward to, it isn;t a game where you throw away your rent and vegetable money.

Anyway, a friend treated me to a round of golf, and the front nine was pretty bad. It took me awhile to find a groove. I realized I was top heavy with my swing and not generating power with my hips and legs. But I didn’t go for thinking, I went for feeling the swing and getting lost in that. And I didn’t care about score. Oddly, the 3-iron was the club I hit the best, moving the ball left and right, and low.

So I had returned to the game and was able to get lost in its joys of feel–that’s where I want to be with everything once in awhile.

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