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Golf: People forget to play

November 19, 2011

Remember playing? Adults as well as aspiring athletes lose it. Playing, the laughter, the joy of trying something. Golf is the one sport people act like battered women: they think they’re luck to hit one good shot just as an abused spouse feels fortunate to hear and “I love you.” Well, what about just trying to hit the ball and having a good time and ignoring all these people with their theories. Granted, there are skill required to hit the golf ball properly. But riddle me this Batman, when you were a kid and played baseball and struck out, did you think you were going to strike out again, or did you believe you were going to get a hit or a home run the next time. You weren’t hobbled with swing thoughts. You were ready to square up and have fun as yourself taking it all on.

So screw it and do it. Oh you missed. Well do it again. Steve Jobs said enjoy the journey–well bullshit, he never travelled coach. SO you just swing away and watch your spirit fly!


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