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Why insults work on losers

November 14, 2011

Why does an insult work?

The insult solidly hits the only thing a loser values: their pride. Losers are only out for themselves.Defeat doesn’t change them. If a loser cheats and wins it’s because he beat the odds, and if they lose their enemies undermined them.  But just because losers have no moral guidance system doesn’t mean you can’t get under their insensitive skin. Even a sociopath is vain. All losers love themselves and feel all their bad qualities are misunderstood, That’s why pride is their weakness.

So what does an insult do? It breaks up the romantic slow dance between a loser and their pride. And insult exposes the loser for what they really are not how the loser wants others to see them. You are sticking their nose in their own poop and they hate that.

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