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A Memory of the Quiet Hero: Commuting Dad from Freehold

April 17, 2011

My Dad commuted from Freehold, NJ to NYC for eight years.How many Dad commuted to The City so their kids could have a childhood in the suburbs.The quiet heroism of those Dads.

Every Friday, around 6:45 pm, we heard the commuter bus drive by our home. We opened the front door and got all excited when we saw Dad walking on the sidewalk through a fading trail of departing black exhaust. His tan London Fog trench coat slung over his shoulder, brown hat tilted back, and tie pulled down on a sweat-stained white shirt. He carried an attaché case. Dad was beat, nicked and scuffed, but emerged from the work-week with a quiet, heroic finish. But when he saw his kids at the front door and his face brightened and he smiled and we clapped. How many years had he trekked up the slanted driveway to 223 Stonehurst Blvd where our family depended on him? And he always came through. Back then, everything in his Dad’s career and their lives held so much promise. And the world around them so vibrant.

A childhood, a time, a place, a memory and strength.

To the quiet heroes.

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